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Optimove for Joint Health

Optimove capsules for joint and back pain have proven effective at any stage of pathology. To help your joints regain their previous mobility and strength, leave a request in the order form on the official website of Croatia. You order a callback by filling in the Name and Phone fields, which does not force you to do anything. The operator will advise you completely free of charge.

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Physical activity is the basis of life

Corrects our joint pain plans

The habitual rhythm of life requires constant action from us. Exercise and health are interrelated. When you first experience joint pain, you need to significantly adjust your plans and daily activities.

Optimove has recently appeared in the Croatian medical market, but has managed to establish itself as an effective, reliable tool with optimal composition for joint pain of various etymologies. No matter what the reason for treatment, Optimove capsules have a beneficial effect on the joints in the following cases:

In this case, it is important to start rehabilitation immediately to strengthen the joints and eliminate swelling, inflammation and pain. Only an integrated approach shown by chondroprotector Optimove can provide a visible result in treatment. Choosing the right medication provides a significant part of success.

Prevents disease with Optimove

Unfortunately, without proper treatment, tissue changes in the joint are irreversible. If the joints are not treated in time, it can lead to the development of serious diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, gout. The more time you spend without treatment, the more severe the complications. Over time, articular pathologies complicate habitual movements to the point of complete loss of mobility.

Optimove capsules are an excellent prophylactic against joint and back pain. It belongs to the class of Chondroprotectors according to the type of active ingredients in the drug. Their structure is similar to the basic elements that make up cartilage tissue. The goal is to prevent destructive changes in the joint and speed recovery through active nutrition with the substances that make up the joint.

Chondroprotector Optimove belongs to the fifth generation of drugs

Optimove is the fifth generation of chondroprotectors

In the history of the development of a line of drugs of the class Chondroprotectors, several stages associated with qualitative changes in its composition can be traced. With the emergence of new information about the processes occurring in the joints and more effective components for the treatment of joints, the formula of the drug has changed.

The first generation

Animal cartilage was used as a raw material for the production of first-generation drugs.

The second generation

The second-generation drugs were based on substances such as glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid.

The third generation

The composition of third-generation drugs is based on the complex chondroitin sulfate hydrochloride.

Fourth generation

The fourth generation was marked by a preference for natural ingredients in preparations for the treatment of joints.

Optimove is a unique drug belonging to the fifth generation of joint products. Optimove, which has mastered the best of previous generations' experience, demonstrates greater bioavailability of active compounds that allow the joint to recover in a shorter period of time, including eliminating pain, swelling and inflammation, and strengthening cartilage tissue.

In Croatia, there is a relatively wide selection of drugs for similar purposes. However, Optimove has a number of advantages over analogues:

Unique formula Optimove

Clinical trials

Clinical trials of Optimove were conducted in 2018 at the European Orthopedic Institute. As a participant, 1700 volunteers with various stages of joint disease were examined. The data collected at the end of the experiment clearly demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of the use of Optimove for the treatment of joints and back.

As a result of the study, the following topics were noted:

Cartilage tissue was restored after Optimove


Complete treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis, radiculitis and other joint diseases


Improving joint mobility


No discomfort in the joints for up to 60 minutes after taking Optimove


Lack of addiction or adverse reactions of the body


The effect of Optimove on the joint

The course of treatment with Optimove restores joint health
  1. It relieves pain almost immediately.
  2. Eliminates swelling in the joints, relieves stress on the damaged area and helps the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the joint.
  3. Renews bone and cartilage tissue, completely restores joints and restores health.

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Doctor's review

Doctor Doctor - orthopedist Matea Matea
Doctor - orthopedist
20 years
I recommend Optimove capsules to my patients in Croatia to heal painful joints. Its directed action not only eliminates the symptoms, but also eliminates the disease itself. The use of a course of capsules allows you to get a cure at different stages of the disease. In my experience, patients with prosthetic indications refused surgery after the Optimove course. I would recommend prophylactic use for the elderly. If you intend to restore joint mobility and strength, be sure to try this unique tool.